Power transformer suits high-performance applications

Pulse is expanding its EFD15 portfolio with the PGT646xNL power transformer series. Wire selection and design allow for automated winding, providing reliability for high-performance applications including industrial, automotive and data communications.

The series uses a 5 + 5-pin SMD design, while the coil design extends the creepage distance between pin and core to at least 5.1mm. Dimensions are 22.0 by 16.5 by 11mm.

Pulse is introducing two transmitters that differ in their dielectric strength and input voltage range. The PGT6465NL has a high input voltage and utilizes the full isolation capability of the extended leakage current platform with an isolation specification of 4,000Vrms. The PGT6466NL meets the requirements of low voltage inputs with application isolation of 3,000VDC.

The device features a -40 to 125°C temperature range and can be used with a flyback topology. Power range is up to 12.5W.