Saving vital information from loss

Solid State Disks introduces its array of technologies and services designed to support customers in sectors stretching from aerospace and defence to rail and telecom

Solid State Disks specialises in the design, development, manufacture and integration of hard disk, floppy disk and tape drive hardware emulators for legacy systems that need to be dependable yet need not be updated frequently.

Application examples include harsh environment customers in the aerospace, automation, defence, energy, rail, semiconductor manufacturing and telecoms sectors.

Often the latest parts take some time to pass reliability and qualification testing. Backwards compatibility is the key as new interfaces may require mechanical or software changes and/or system requalification.

There is often a requirement to support specialised computer systems, well into their middle age, which must continue to operate in critical applications and difficult environments. SSD has successfully delivered form/fit/function replacements for SCSI drives that are more than thirty years old.

Meeting performance is key and price needs to consider long term servicing costs and contracts that require guaranteed levels of availability. Sustainability and energy consumption in developing new products is also driving new product investment decisions.

Meeting performance in challenging environments and the consequences of any failure drive selection criteria. SSD has collaborated with customers in key market sectors to provide enhanced products such as networked Touchless Removable drive solutions and Direct Ethernet.

With the hardware emulator solution, it is often possible to prolong legacy system life—and increase performance, reliability and environmental immunity—by identifying and replacing the high-risk hardware elements.

SSD offers system level support to engineers using its proprietary technology and has already helped companies including Alstom, Boeing, BP, Canon, Dolby, MOD, NEC, Nokia, Raytheon, Thales and Verizon.

SSD is also a specialist UK OEM flash memory distributor for APRO, Innodisk, SanDisk, SMART Modular Technologies and Transcend who are market leaders for flash disk drive technology and other memory products to the defence and industrial markets.  SSD is supplying the latest DRAM and flash memory to customers for multiple end user applications.

The current component shortages are affecting most customer sectors. As a franchised distributor, SSD is kept aware of the latest capacity news, product developments and road maps, and sits at the front of the queue when products become available.