Greater board-to-board spacing

Complementing its existing Datamate J-Tek connector range with 7.3mm mated board-to-board height, Harwin’s new female connector provides a significantly larger 17.15mm connection height. This allows more space between PCBs allowing use of larger board-mounted components or cabling options. Applications include high-end industrial, aerospace, defense and heavy-duty portable equipment.

Harwin’s head of product marketing, Ryan Smart, said: “Feedback from our client base has shown that there are times when a greater board separation is necessary. These new extended profiles of Datamate connectors offer the stacking heights needed for such applications while maintaining high degrees of mechanical robustness and reliability.”

The connectors are available in double-row layouts of 10, 20 or 30 contact versions and are compatible with existing through-board male connectors. All mating contact surfaces are finished in gold, while terminations are either gold or tin. In addition, board mount jackscrews give strain relief for the solder terminations and guideposts help with mating.