Boost Efficiency and Decrease Costs with APIs

Speed and access to information and data are critical in all forms of electronic product design and procurement, and an organization’s time-to-market can mean the difference between a successful and marginal product acceptance. That’s why Digi-Key developed the most advanced, complete suite of real-time APIs, completely free of charge to customers.

API solutions will likely be one of the most disruptive innovations in the electronics market during the next five to ten years, thanks to the benefits they provide to the procurement process. Digi-Key’s API solutions provide a digital platform with a competitive advantage to customers. By streamlining the purchasing process, APIs enable procurement, engineering and design teams to all receive critical real-time information on products they need at lightning speed through automated machine-to-machine connections. Customers using Digi-Key’s API solutions save time and bring products to market faster and more efficiently, boosting revenue. 

The APIs are free to use and allow customers to connect directly to Digi-Key systems to access automated, real-time product search, price and availability, quoting and ordering, barcoding, product change notifications and more. Digi-Key also collaborates with exceptional integration partners to provide customers with cost-effective and fast options to connect to Digi-Key’s API solutions with less development investment. 

Digi-Key further provides an ROI calculator that estimates how much you can save in one year by implementing Digi-Key’s price and availability and ordering APIs. Customers have seen an average of $50,000 to $100,000 in cost savings by implementing API solutions.

In addition to real-time price and availability from Digi-Key’s product information APIs, Digi-Key’s quote API secures pricing for 30 days, enabling purchasing professionals to experience a smoother ordering process with more efficient quoting and real-time data on demand. Digi-Key customers can have confidence in the prices they are quoted and do not need to invest in extensive software development to leverage the technology.

For more information about Digi-Key’s API solutions, visit to download a free eBook on the benefits of implementing API solutions and use the ROI calculator to see the return on investment that implementing APIs can deliver.