Overcoming supply chain issues

Fermionx’ procurement and manufacturing experience highlights the need for new levels of forward planning which, in some cases, now extends to 24-months

One of the biggest challenges facing procurement teams in electronic manufacturing is stock reliability and knowing when it will arrive. With lead times often fabricated or at best, hugely ambitious, buyers and operations teams are under pressure. There is also the serious added risk of counterfeit parts being sourced and used in production.

The impact on production times means the luxury of forward-planning has now become a necessity. Especially when teams are seeing parts ordered in 2021 arriving on their doorstep now. Internal planning is vital to ensure customers’ products are manufactured on time and to budget.

As a result, Fermionx has found that working closely with customers and their designers has never been more important. By always keeping customers updated on parts, lead times and delivery schedules the company can meet expectations better or seek suitable alternatives when parts are scarce. Recently Fermionx found itself working up to 12 to 24-months in advance with some customers and this is fast becoming the norm.

Component shortages also means counterfeit parts are finding their way into the market. Fermionx only works with approved suppliers known to be reliable and has avoided this impacting production. The company’s confidence in its ability to source quality, trusted components means customers remain reassured that its service will meet expectations. Speak to suppliers about their quality assurance and testing measures, especially x-raying parts from new, unknown sources to help combat quality issues further down the line.