Supporting sustainable energy

Omron Electronic Components Europe is supporting the roll out of sustainable energy sources with a range of products for PV inverters, battery energy storage systems and EV charging systems.

For example, Omron’s G9KB PCB power relay provides bi-directional high power DC switching for the next generation of renewable battery energy storage systems for homes and DC wall boxes for electric vehicles. It can replace two standard uni-directional relays in this type of application.

In a vehicle-to-home system, the relay lets an EV battery power a household electricity system when the solar panels are not generating power. In a vehicle-to-grid system it allows stored energy to be exported to the grid.

Another product example is Omron’s G7L-X relay with a rated load of 1,000VDC at 25A and a release time of just 30ms, making it ideal as a disconnect relay for PV panels, EV chargers or other renewable sources. It provides fast and complete disconnection in an emergency, to permit maintenance or in response to utility requests.