Break the arc

CIT Relay & Switch is offering an automotive relay with blow-out magnet. In the automotive relay world, 12 and 24VDC systems have been the norm for over 50-years. With the world trending toward electric vehicles there is a need for higher voltage DC switching.

As DC voltages increase, so does the chance of developing a standing arc where contacts open and the arc does not extinguish when the relay returns to the fully open position.

This condition damages the contacts and can cause welding and even melt the relay. To combat this, a permanent magnet is placed next to the contacts to pull on the arc and help it extinguish sooner.

The A2K series uses this blow-out magnet to help break the electric arc formed when the relay contacts are opening. With a switching capacity up to 60A, the A2K series also offers resistor and diode options for coil suppression along with PCB pin or Quick Connect terminals. The design is available with or without a mounting bracket.