Planning has never been more important

Perfect Parts’ VP, Daniel Roca

Perfect Parts’ VP, Daniel Roca, encourages buyers to plan ahead and partner with supply chain experts to help alleviate constraints and assist as global tensions increase

There is no doubt 2023 still holds a high level of uncertainty when it comes to supply chain stability. Many companies are still heavily impacted by shortages, the resurfacing pandemic, allocation, lead times, inflation, obsolescence and the global economy. There are signs of improvement, however many companies are facing strong demand and requests for improvements along their supply chain channels. Partnering with the right companies can ensure a higher level of success.

Many commodities, like resistors and capacitors, are seeing improvements. However, semiconductor lead-times and shortages remain high and have limited raw material resources, increased costs and heavy allocation across the globe. As tensions increase in China and Russia, the volatile market is likely to see more constraints. Planning can help alleviate constraints and assist as tensions increase.

Performance of original chip design manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers and contract manufacturers will be impacted by their ability to partner and bridge supply chain gaps for semiconductors, other critical shortages and pricing. Due to rising costs overseas, many are realizing they don’t have as many supply chain solutions as previously thought. Perfect Parts is an expert in bridging those gaps.

Despite all the constraints, we have seen many positive improvements in material allocations with appropriate focus in bridging the gaps for original chip design manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers and contact manufacturers customers. Many clients are securing products through 2024 to ensure success and get ahead of soaring product costs, high allocation, and raw material resources. Planning has never been more important.