Human-centric lighting portfolio grows

Luminus Devices has expanded its human-centric lighting portfolio with Salud COBs. These devices have high R9 values, high melanopic/photopic ratios and 90 CRI minimum in warm CCTs that enable users to meet WELL Building requirements.

Luminus’ COB product line director, illumination, David Davito, said: “As our industry learns more about the importance of healthy lighting, our Salud line has been recognized as the ideal option to deliver high melanopic lux in warm CCTs and 90 CRI quality of light. The new Salud COBs are the perfect complement to our Salud mid power line to enable customers the ability to offer a full suite of directional, linear and panel lighting options.”

With typical R9 values in the 90s, Salud technology has especially high red color rendering to produce vibrant red tones, plus healthy skin tones, and therefore, an increased ability to more accurately diagnose medical conditions including sepsis and cyanosis.