Protection against condensation

New pressure compensation cable glands from OKW protect electronics from condensation in sealed enclosures. The glands use a ventilated membrane to stop temperature and pressure changes from causing condensation in hermetically sealed enclosures. Water entry pressure for the membrane is >0.2bar; RQ = 57l/h (theoretical air flow rate at 0.07 bar). The glands are available in sizes M12 by 1.5, M16 by 1.5 and M20 by 1.5. They are molded from light gray (RAL 7035) or black (RAL 9005) polyamide (PA). Clamping blades provide strain relief.

In other news, OKW’s M16 and M20 Quick Fix cable glands (IP68) are now available in black (RAL 9005) and light gray (RAL 7035) PA. They extend only a short amount into the enclosure. They are pushed into place from the outside, before a left-hand-threaded locknut is tightened, externally. The cable is fed in and secured conventionally. These glands fit 0.04 to 0.157in wall thicknesses.