Partnering for design and manufacture

In this article, Review Display Systems explains how 40-years’ experience underpins its product portfolios and technical support in embedded computing and display technology

Engaging Review Display Systems as a design and manufacturing partner lets OEMs access state-of-the-art technology, product portfolios and technical support in embedded computing, display technology and design services.

Review Display Systems is a specialist embedded computing and display solutions provider, and system design partner. Long-term, established alliances with leading global supply partners and manufacturers ensures RDS has access to a comprehensive range of the latest embedded computing, display technology and system support peripherals.

Established in 1982, Review Display Systems engages and develops partnerships with electronics engineers, system architects and purchasing professionals in a range of industry sectors including process control, industrial instrumentation, medical device technology, factory automation, facilities management, in-vehicle systems, point-of-information and more.

Review Display Systems’ engineering design and production team offers design and development support including hardware design, firmware development, mechanical fixtures/fittings, project management, approval prototypes, sub-assemblies through to full system production and sub-contract manufacture.

The company is committed to environmental responsibility, sustainability and quality with accreditation to internationally recognised quality standards including ISO14001, ISO9001-2015 and ISO13485:2016 for the design and manufacture of medical technology devices.

During 2022 Review Display Systems celebrated its 40th year anniversary. Throughout this time, the company has successfully navigated challenging and dynamic business conditions supporting UK-based businesses with products, systems and services in many diverse industry sectors.