Double down on component quality

In this article, Schurter outlines its component and service expertise across industries including industrial, automotive, space, aviation, communications and energy

Schurter manufactures and distributes circuit protection components, connectors, switches and EMC products. The company also develops and manufactures input systems and offers printed circuit board assembly services. The company’s Solutions Unit coordinates projects from planning to end product manufacture.

Schurter Electronics is part of the worldwide Schurter Group, a Swiss-based global family company certified to international standards.

In the industrial sector, Schurter offers over 20,000 internationally approved products, available worldwide at customers’ preferred points of purchase. Products for the medical market are certified and engineered for safety. Applications include power supplies and user interfaces.

Regarding automotive applications, electronic controls and power supplies require reliable components offering long-term stability. As an example, chip fuses are precise, reliable, temperature resistant and robust against vibration. These characteristics make them ideal for automotive use.

Specifications in the space and avionics sectors are significantly higher than regular international standards. Schurter provides zero defect solutions to meet the highly specific requirements of electronic systems used on aircraft, satellites and spacecraft.

In the data and communication industries, consistent, high-quality components are required for manufacturing systems used in data centers. Likewise, in the energy sector, uninterrupted electricity supply represents a key competence this century.

With a strong focus on providing safe, clean power, Schurter aims to make the interface between human and machine ever easier. Based on customer requirements, Schurter Electronics develops, manufactures and provides value added services over a professional network of worldwide affiliates and distributors.