Tailored supply chain support

Discover how Smith’s tools, resources and processes provide a seamless supply chain for purchasing professionals tasked with sourcing electronic components


Smith’s Intelligent Distribution model is designed to deliver comprehensive solutions to complex electronic component supply chain challenges. Backed by nearly four decades of industry expertise and trusted market relationships, Smith has developed the tools, resources and processes needed to provide customers with the seamless supply chain support they’ve come to expect from the world’s leading independent distributor.


Smith ensures its services and products meet the highest standards using its systems-based approach to semiconductor distribution. The company’s end-to-end processes—from stringent supplier screening and best-in-class testing and inspection facilities to ESD-safe packaging and premier global logistics services—account for all details in Smith’s operations to provide unwavering reliability across its 17 offices and four distribution hubs around the world.


The company offers numerous program models that are customizable to meet each project’s unique needs. With the largest supplier network in the world, unique financing options and proprietary software, Smith can combine and tailor existing programs to mitigate its customers’ supply chain challenges.


Smith’s investments in continuous improvement let the company evolve and innovate to meet its customers’ everchanging needs. Using decades of historical data from its global market outlook, Smith helps its customers develop and implement smart and effective procurement strategies.


The company’s in-house development team creates and continually updates IT solutions and applications to improve operational efficiency for customers and employees alike. Customizable, digital supply chain solutions—such as customer portals, virtual warehouses and online forecast management and real-time reporting tools—provide global visibility and up-to-the-minute market insights.

Smith has also heavily invested in expansion and automation and increased its worldwide operational footprint by more than 70 per cent in the last year. This new space, paired with new equipment and software investments, has allowed the company to substantially increase throughput across its global distribution hubs to meet the ever-increasing demand for electronic components.

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