Meet the memory masters

Drop by Simms’ stand to explore all things memory and storage including flash, DRAM, embedded peripherals, embedded DRAM and embedded flash


Simms International is exhibiting at the Electronic Component Show for the first time and is looking forward to showcasing its range of memory and storage solutions from manufacturers including Innodisk, ATP, Intelligent Memory, Exascend and Kingston Technology. Products on display will include the latest flash and DRAM solutions as well as embedded peripherals, embedded DRAM and embedded flash.


Simms aims to make memory easy to understand, easy to select and easy to source—something it has been doing successfully for the past 32-years. Whether it’s a new project or issue with a current selection, Simms’ team can help.


Navigating memory can be a tricky business. Get it right by partnering with an expert and it can be easy. Get it wrong and it can be a costly mistake for an OEM and its customers. Engaging the right memory partner makes life much easier. Simms works with leading manufacturers and confidently offers a choice of solutions to save customers time, money and resource.


Simms’ knowledgeable team will be available to discuss all things memory and storage, so stop by to discover what is going on in an industry that is constantly changing.


To add some extra fun to their day, visitors are offered the chance to win a £100 Amazon voucher by guessing the correct amount of memory modules in a jar.