Supporting buyers’ sourcing needs

Join Alantys Technology on its ECS stand to discover  how the company helps buyers source components, build supply chains, reduce costs and more


Alantys Technology is a French-founded company dedicated to supporting buyers’ sourcing needs. The company’s electronic distribution services include locating efficient supply chains and simultaneously offering cost-saving opportunities and flexible inventory management. The core business includes franchised lines, cost savings and brokerage.


Since 2001, Alantys Technology has been one of the fastest growing distributors of semiconductors and electronic components to the world’s leading manufacturers. The company has developed supply-chain solutions for customers in a host of industries: automotive, broadcasting, consumer, industrial, medical, military, aeronautics, test and measurement, wireless and wireline.


A hybrid distribution model lets customers use Alantys’ services across different strategic topics: from design/R&D and franchised distribution, to cost saving solutions and shortage solving. Nowadays, customers need flexible partners that bring evolutive solutions to market. The company can provide solutions for MCU, FPGA, memory, passives and connectivity solutions.


Alantys Technology ships from its warehouses worldwide, with bases in Europe, USA and Asia, enabling it to efficiently meet customers’ requirements. Additionally, the company offers a range of dedicated services helpful to production facilities including high reactivity, technical support and inspection/testing.


With quality Alantys’ top priority, quality processes are integrated within every level of the company. This commitment starts from the executive management team and goes through to the operations and logistics teams, where experienced and skilled engineers and inspectors apply strict evaluations and demanding inspection criteria to ensure supply chain integrity.

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