Discover what is moving the embedded industry in 2023

Buyers sourcing components for embedded applications will be pleased to hear the Embedded World exhibition and conference takes place in Nuremberg 14 to 16 March 2023


Starting with the keynote, Charting the Connected Future, Tuesday 14 March, 10 to 11am Silicon Labs CTO and senior VP, Daniel Cooley, will discuss the final steps needed to achieve the full potential of cloud-connected embedded computing.


On Wednesday 15 March, 10 to 11am, the keynote is dedicated to Advances in the Assessment and Certification of AI Ethics. Speaker Prof Ali Hessami, currently director of R&D and innovation at Vega Systems and chair of IEEE 7000 standard, said: “Algorithmic embedded systems have social impact. We provide a forum for understanding, debating and emerging practice on ethics trustworthiness and certification of autonomous intelligent systems.”


The keynote on Thursday 16 March, 10 to 11am will highlight the strengths of the microelectronics industry in Germany and Europe and show perspectives on how the European Chips Act will reduce dependence on semiconductor fabs in Asia. Speaker Prof Dr Albert Heuberger, executive director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, said: “In the process from the idea to silicon, chip design is the engine of product innovation and thus the key to Europe’s competitiveness.”


The keynote session of the Electronic Displays Conference on 15 March at 9.50am will focus on Display Markets and Trends. With global economic and consumer environment turning disorderly, the display industry is evolving from the perspective of competition landscape, technology portfolio, supply chain dynamic and company strength.


Focussing on the Embedded World programme,  executive director, Benedikt Weyerer, said:  “With the claim ‘embedded, responsible, sustainable’, we will be focusing 2023’s event on key issues for the future of the embedded industry.”


Where can embedded systems help make the digital world more sustainable and how can the embedded industry operate more sustainably? What are the issues that define a responsible approach to AI? What is behind the EU Cyber Resilience Act? How do we counter the shortage of skilled workers and supply chain challenges? Panel discussions at the Embedded World exhibition and conference 2023 will provide material for intensive discussions.


A highlight of the programme is Acatech’s session on Wednesday 15 March at 4pm, which focuses on supporting the transformation to ‘as-a-service’ organizations. After creating the foundations for the digital transformation of industry and initiating the ‘servitisation of manufacturing’ with the Acatech future projects Industrie 4.0 and Smart Service Welt, networked devices now provide a multitude of data, from which customizable, data-driven business models can be derived. It is now up to companies to transform their portfolio and organization to be capable to offer attractive smart services to customers.


In three presentations the smart service transformation of companies is examined from various angles culminating in the first-time presentation of the ‘Smart Service Maturity Index’, a supporting toolkit for transformation-willing companies.


Chairman of the Embedded World conference, Prof Dr Ing Axel Sikora, said: “The significance of embedded systems can hardly be overestimated when it comes to the topic of the century, namely sustainability.”


Nürnberg Messe is also addressing the issue by developing group-wide sustainability strategies. For example, since 2016 only green electricity has been used in the exhibition halls at Embedded World and almost all halls have now converted to LED lighting. Regarding catering, attention is being paid to the deployment of sustainable packaging solutions and regional products. The event employs a high percentage of reusable system stands and from 2024 onwards sustainably certified exhibition stands will be introduced. The event team is also looking into eco-certified carpeting and switching to recyclable ticketing paper.


Executive director, Benedikt Weyerer, said: “Looked at individually, these are all small steps, but taken together, they pave the way toward more sustainable event execution. We constantly ask ourselves whether we can’t use a more sustainable substitute product.”


The Embedded Award, exhibitor forums and Embedded World Student Day are all elements  going to make the fair exciting for the embedded community.


Weyerer added: “Last year, a managing director called me to say that Embedded World is the most important trade fair for him, because he made his first business contacts with a future investor here, and his business is now ramping up. That’s great feedback and an incentive for us to expand this kind of format.”