Extended PCB pooling reduces costs

Multi-CB is now offering four-layer PCBs with 1.0mm thickness in its pooling production. According to the manufacturer, customers save up to 70 per cent compared to the previous special production price. Included are 0.1mm tracks, 0.2mm holes, FR4 Tg150 material and surface chemical gold (ENIG).


The weight and space saving of FR4 1.0mm is 42 per cent compared to standard FR4 1.55mm. This is a particular advantage for compact modules in smaller and lighter devices, which also reduces resource consumption.


In pooling production, PCBs from different customers with identical specifications are produced in the same production panel. This reduces production costs and increases flexibility. Both advantages benefit the customer. Whether pooling or conventional production has no influence on the product quality. Multi-CB generally manufactures according to IPC-A-600 Class 2 (Class 3 optional, for highest demands).