Global distribution under the spotlight

Welcome to the bumper September issue of Electronics Sourcing North America, weighing in at 100-pages. One key reason the issue has reached this page-count milestone is it’s home to two significant reports: the ECIA’s Top 50 Global Authorized Distributors Report 2023; and ESNA’s Top 20 Global Independent Distributors Report 2023.


Opening the ECIA Report, chief analyst, Dale Ford, explains how this year’s findings build on the foundation of previous years’ data, with publication of this update a continuation of a plan to develop additional research on the electronic component distribution markets.


Dale explained the methodology used to compile the data included company surveys, published financial data, input from manufacturers/distributors and secondary web research.


In summary the Report identified that distributors faced a challenging year as market and economic headwinds constrained overall growth to low single-digits. China was a particular challenge, with distribution market revenues declining 6.6 per cent in 2022. In a stark contrast, Americas authorized distribution revenue grew by 19.3 per cent in 2022 and the European market expanded by 17.1 per cent.


Switching to ESNA’s Top 20 Global Independent Distributors Report 2023, Electronics Sourcing’s data analyst, Thomas Smart, focuses on a key aspect of the original research: supply chain resilience.


Tom said: “Recognizing the vulnerabilities exposed by recent events, we must prioritize supply chain resilience as a key goal. By nurturing diverse supplier networks, harnessing technology and fostering collaborative partnerships, we can ensure the availability of electronic components even in the face of unforeseen disruptions.”