Using standards to grow business

Advanced Rework Technology’s MD, Debbie Wade, explains how investing in and incorporating IPC training and certification programmes opens the door to growth

Reliability is tied to quality and both are essential to compete in today’s electronics industry. IPC standards implementation throughout design and assembly processes ensures companies can demonstrate better performance and enhanced product life, plus compliance with industry requirements.

IPC standards are worldwide documents accepted as the pinnacle manufacturing standards for the electronics industry and can be incorporated in every stage of the process from design to assembly and even handling and shipping. IPC standards help manufacturers demonstrate their products and services meet a set quality and reliability level.

Investing in and incorporating IPC training and certification programmes help companies demonstrate they consider rigorous quality control practices vital. Benefits include: 

• Meeting the requirements of electronics manufacturing companies that expect suppliers to have important credentials

• Gain valuable industry recognition for the company and its employees 

• Facilitate quality assurance initiatives important in international trading 

Training alone may help with quality requirements but when employees have an industry-recognised certification on global industry standards, companies have the additional credibility to help them source new customers and contracts in ever-changing markets. 

Although individuals can become certified to six key IPC standards, it’s worth noting that IPC has released new standards and addendums based around these popular documents.

• IPC 6012, Space and Military Addendum

• IPC 6012, Medical Addendum

• IPC 6012, Automotive Addendum

• IPC/WHMA-A-620, Space Addendum

• J-STD-001, Space and Military Addendum

• J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610, Automotive Addendum

• IPC-A-610 Telecoms Addendum

Addendums are focused on additional information specifically in the areas addressed by the Addendum or a stand-alone document tied to the base standard. Advanced Rework Technology is the only IPC Accredited Training Partner (IPC Training Centre) in the UK authorised to teach all IPC Space Addendum training courses for J-STD-001, IPC-A-620 and IPC-6012.

Standardisation is a dynamic function of the electronics industry and is constantly evolving. ART works with IPC to move forward with improvements and best practices to support manufacturing.

ART’s MD, Debbie Wade, said: “ART training staff are highly experienced with every part of the industry from design, fabrication, through to assembly and quality and inspection so this will assist the trainer with every step of their teaching which makes our courses second to none. 

“The staff here at ART also dedicate their time to sitting on numerous IPC Standards Development and Training Committees. This gives us the added advantage and skills required to not just teach the latest requirements but fully understand the changes to the technical standards and associated training courses.

“For our knowledge, skills and dedication, we are proud to be the recipients of many industry and IPC awards, in particular, recipients of the prestigious IPC President’s Award.”