A boost to PFC choke choice

Würth Elektronik has expanded its WE-TORPFC inductor series with 17 new parts. These toroidal inductors suit continuous-conduction mode (CCM) boost converters and are capable of producing up to several kW of power. Unlike traditional bobbin-wound power factor correction (PFC) inductors, this new series uses flat wire windings, resulting in lower winding losses and better cooling.

The series is designed for elevated temperatures—up to 155°C—and can handle operating voltages up to 1,000VDC. With multiple sizes available, inductances ranging from 118 to 720µH and rated currents up to 48A, this new series suits active power factor correction, industrial AC/DC, solar inverters and a variety of other applications. This series also includes a robust mounting system evaluated through AEC-Q200 reliability testing.

All parts are in stock and free samples are available on request.