Global agreement supports thermal sensor switches

Mouser Electronics has announced a global distribution agreement with Microtherm Sentronic for their temperature measurement solutions and overheating protection switches. Applications for their products include motors, transformers, damper controls and power electronics.

Mouser’s stock includes the T Series enclosed bimetal snap-action temperature switches which incorporate a two-contact system where temperature and current influence switching. They provide thermal protection and temperature-limiting control with high power ratings and no vibrational influence. Normally closed or normally open options are offered. Package options are wired in single, double or triplet configurations with rated maximum currents 6.3A (type T12) with maximum switching currents of 12A

F Series enclosed bimetal snap-action temperature switches offer a central contact for fast response time. They suit installation into motor windings being small, pressure-stable and resistant to impregnating resins and lacquers. The devices also suit confined applications  such as transformers, PCBs, welding devices and relays.