German distribution sees slowdown

Not entirely unexpectedly, the second quarter ended with good and bad news for German component distribution. On one hand, turnover of FBDi’s member distributors increased by 19 per cent to €1.42 billion, compared to Q2 2022, but on the other hand, bookings fell by almost 53 per cent to €859 million, compared to the record bookings of Q2/2022. Book-to-bill fell from 1.52 a year ago to 0.6, the lowest level since FBDi was founded in 2003.

FBDi chairman, Georg Steinberger said: “Almost nothing was a surprise in this quarter, except for the fact that after last year’s surge things have slowed down a little. In fact, not all products are out of allocation, SiC and GaN components, for example, are likely to remain in short supply until well into next year. Otherwise, customer inventories are filled to the brim, and a resurgence in component demand is likely to be a long time coming—how long, that’s the key question.”