SMT LiDAR lasers ready to ship

Mouser Electronics is now stocking ams Osram’s SPL S1L90H 1-channel SMT laser, offering improved performance and easier optical integration for long-distance industrial ranging and LiDAR applications such as drones, robots and building/industrial automation.

The laser is a small aperture, edge-emitting laser (EEL) in a surface-mount package. It is said to feature the highest peak power (65W) and average power in the small package class. The device has a 110µm aperture, enabling a very narrow beam optimized for short-pulsed LiDAR applications.

Featuring ams Osram’s multi-junction technology—comprising three vertically stacked emitters in a single laser die—the device is supplied as a 2.3 by 2.0 by 0.69mm QFN package. This technology is designed to offer better target area illumination at long-range distance measurement, 3D optical sensing and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) applications.

The SPL S1L90H’s pulsed laser enables a maximum pulse width of 50ns and suits pulses shorter than 2ns.