Thermal gel minimises component stress

In this article, Parker Chomerics unveils Therm-a-Gap 50TBL, a dispensable thermal gel designed to excel in thin bond line applications including automotive electronic control units

Parker Chomerics’ Therm-a-Gap 50TBL is a new dispensable thermal gel offering 5W/m-K bulk thermal conductivity. At a minimum bond line thickness of 0.05mm, the apparent thermal conductivity exceeds 10W/m-K.

With its TBL suffix standing for ‘thin bond line’, the gel needs no mixing or secondary curing, supporting simple application and rework potential. Flow rate is 25g/min using a 30cc syringe with 2.5mm orifice at 621kPa. Another attribute is low compressive force to conform under assembly pressure, ensuring components, solder joints and leads encounter minimal stresses.

The company states the gel carries a formulation that accommodates today’s high-performance, high-reliability electronic demands, while suiting automated dispensing machines and field repair situations.

Offering low thermal impedance and avoiding pump-out effect with temperature changes, applications for this thermal gel include: automotive electronic control units (ECUs), telecommunications base stations, consumer electronics, power supplies, semiconductors, LEDs, microprocessors and graphics processors. The material is primarily for thin bond lines and is not typically intended as a filler in gaps larger than 0.50mm.

Electrical properties include: 200Vac/mm dielectric strength (Chomerics test method); 1014Ωcm volume resistivity (ASTM D257); 7.0 dielectric constant at 1000kHz (ASTM D150); and 0.002 dissipation factor at 1000kHz (Chomerics). RoHS-compliant, the material can operate at temperatures extending from -55 to 200°C.

The gel is available in syringe, cartridge and pail containers, offering standard fill volumes from 10 to 2500cc.