Strong, secure global supply chains

Perfect Parts explores the benefits of diversity in a market currently characterized by volatility, long lead-times, product allocation, material shortages and IC delays

Locating an alternative for a part stopping a prototype/production run is critical in the race to find a design solution. Product availability is a deciding factor when selecting a replacement or alternate product acting as a quick drop-in replacement. If a product under review is scarce, it’s probably not going to offer immediate relief for supply chain constraints. Engineers can benefit from knowing the market on a part prior to selecting and prototyping it into a build. Verifying a part is accessible through reliable sources is critical to ensuring it is readily available at an appropriate cost.

Perfect Parts helps bridge that gap with access to over twenty million parts in its supply chain. The company has a broad range of components to select from and tests its material to ensure a high level of product assurance with strict test policies. Staff can help customers select and gain knowledge about drop-in replacements, possible similar parts and market inventories or lack of. 

Perfect Parts Corporation is a disabled owned, women owned, small, disadvantaged, minority business. Services include crossing parts, locating alternates, testing components, plus kitting, distribution, reverse logistics and other supply chain solutions. The team carries a range of knowledge across multiple areas and disciplines that offers a different perspective to address the semiconductor industry’s challenges.

Diversity suppliers offer benefits to clients’ supply chains including access to federal and state funding, cost savings, alternate channels for products, new services, alternate perspectives, plus improvement of a company’s agility and resiliency to disruptions. As a diverse supplier, Perfect Parts is agile and resilient to market changes and disruptions. The company’s ability to bridge supply chain gaps sets it apart from other large suppliers that do not utilize a deep look into the overall market risk of the supply base.

Resilient supply chain operations that are conscientious of strategic supply chain sources, create buffers, engineering solutions and assurance tend to mitigate disruptions and bridge market gaps better than competitors. Working with diverse suppliers can open doors to a new group within the supply chain.

No two market situations are the same regarding shortages, suppliers and disruptions, so working with a supplier that understands diverse sourcing and strategy can bring cost savings at a higher ratio to OEMs, ODMs, OCMs and CMs. Perfect Parts’ team carries a wide range of knowledge across multiple areas and disciplines, helping bring a different perspective to address challenges. Understanding supply chain risks helps reduce semiconductor volatility and supports a stronger, more secure, global supply chain.