Medical equipment benefits from cable innovations

Aerco explains how choosing the right cable technology for medical equipment is a win-win situation for both original equipment manufacturers and end users

In no other industry are cable and connectivity as critical as medical: their performance can save lives. Along with the devices and equipment they support, cables and connectors must perform despite pressures of 24/7 use, including constant handling and sterilization.

Alpha Wire’s cable and connectivity solutions are designed to combine accurate diagnostics with cleanability, ease of use, space savings and reliability, helping original equipment manufacturers push the boundaries of medical device design.

Major capital investments that impact care—CT scanners, ultrasound equipment and x-ray devices, for example—perform as well as the cable and connectivity that link them to power and data. When these components fail, the result is extensive, costly service and repair work, plus unexpected equipment downtime.

Designed to provide better performance in a smaller package due to reduced insulation and jacket thickness, Alpha Wire’s EcoGen is a next- generation eco-friendly, high-performance wire and cable. Compared to conventional wires and cables, 65 per cent EcoGen wires and cables are up to 47 per cent smaller and lighter. As a result of the superior dielectric properties of mPPE, the wall thickness of the control cable can be reduced while maintaining the same electrical properties as a thicker PVC control cable.

EcoGen products are free of halogens, phthalates and heavy metals. With up to 91 per cent less outgassing, the mPPE thermoplastic insulation and jackets are compliant with RoHS and WEEE regulations.

Durable jackets let the cables withstand continual sterilization and exposure to harsh chemicals, giving them a long lifespan and decreased total cost of ownership for hospitals and clinics alike. As specialists in the design of biocompatible cables that allow flexible movement and resist chemicals and extreme temperatures, Alpha Wire lets healthcare professionals in hospitals and clinics concentrate on providing the best patient care instead of concerning themselves with equipment failure when performing a life-saving or life-sustaining procedure.

When replacement is necessary, the cables are fast and easy to deploy. They are designed to ensure consistent performance, require fewer connections to maintain and reduce costs by combining multiple performance characteristics into one cable. The EcoGen series offers a wide temperature range, allowing use in all industrial verticals subject to harsh environmental conditions.