High voltage DC portfolio expands

Durakool has expanded its CHV series ceramic HVDC contactors and range of precharge resistors, designed for battery isolation in electric vehicles, high voltage battery storage systems and switching HVDC in solar panel installations. Focused on non- consumer markets, applications include: trucks, buses, construction, off-road, marine and aerospace.

Responding to requests for higher power switching, Durakool enriched its range of precharge/discharge contactors up to 60A and power resistors up to 2,800W.

Durakool’s brand manager, Ricardo Esquinazi, said: “The CHV contactor’s non polarised terminals make it possible for electric vehicles to provide stand-by power back to the charger. They also enable the contactor in an EV to break high DC currents whilst using regenerative braking, resulting in longer service life and higher ‘in application’ reliability.

“Our HVDC contactors protect vehicles, their occupants and emergency service personnel by providing isolation of the high voltage battery from the electronic drive system upon vehicle impact and when vehicles are not in use.”