Huge interconnect choice, fast delivery

To underpin interconnect buyers’ supply chain goals of product choice and fast delivery, Samtec highlights its Sudden Service model and Samtec Reserve program

Following the turmoil of recent years, supply chain security has become as important as innovation for many original equipment manufacturers.

Unlike other types of electronic components, availability of connectors is made more difficult by interconnect market complexities. Connectors must provide reliable performance across a range of applications from high voltage to high speed, while usually functioning as a mating pair. In the face of delivery delays and component shortages, customers cannot simply swap a connector for one from another supplier. If an equivalent connector needs to be sourced, both halves should be replaced.

Customers therefore need suppliers who can respond quickly to their requirements and provide a complete mated pair of connectors. This Sudden Service concept has been at the heart of Samtec’s business model since the company’s foundation. The modular nature of many of its products lets Samtec assemble products quickly from a broad inventory of subcomponents, resulting in a short lead time.

Samtec has taken the Sudden Service model further, introducing the Samtec Reserve program, in which over 200,000 products are held in stock in completed form, ready for one-day shipping. These products are clearly identified on the Samtec. com website, making the procurement process easier.

The Sudden Service model and Samtec Reserve program are designed to work with the existing distribution network. However, direct access to the manufacturer with such a broad range of products provides the supply chain security that customers need in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace.