It’s the people that make the difference!

Electronics Direct states its ability to source those tough components which block production lines, can save their clients time, energy and resources whilst ensuring quality and reliability of the supply chain. Electronics Sourcing asks Founder and Managing Director, Craig Hopwood, what makes them different.

It’s the people and the deep-rooted culture. If you view a company as an iceberg then people from the outside will see things like location, environment and people but the majority of the company’s culture is below the surface and unseen, such as learning opportunities, core values, discipline, purpose, flexibility, enjoyment and work ethic to name a few. Some of these are deep-rooted and therefore embedded over a long time which has helped 40% of our team hold 5 years service and many with more than 10 years. We have a particular focus on our team because they are the driving force of the business and they work closely with our customers and suppliers.

“Now in our 25th year we have proved time and again to be a valuable component sourcing solution to both our loyal and new customers. This is because we are obsessed with customer service and ensure we get things right the first time.”

In 2021, they strategically expanded into Netherlands to fortify European operations and are proud to announce the recent launch of their USA hub in Cleveland, Ohio, facilitating direct shipping for their American clientele. These expansions compliment the 3rd UK extension since 2018, more than doubling the footprint.

“Being a private family- owned entity grants Electronics Direct unparalleled flexibility, enabling them to adapt swiftly to customer needs. Hopwood asserts, “The ability to source those hard-to-find parts, our compelling pricing structure, rapid responses, quick quotes, and dependable delivery times, positions us as the go-to solution for those seeking a reliable supply chain partner.”

As the industry evolves, Electronics Direct remains at the forefront, working harder and smarter to overcome supply chain challenges. With a near quarter-centuryof proven excellence, the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction, innovative solutions, and global expansion sets the stage for continued success.