2024: the year for affordable reliability?

In 2024, MH Connectors is introducing a new range of tough push-pull and Micro-D connectors designed to offer reliability without a high price tag.

Modern connectors face demanding applications often in harsh environments. With the adoption of 5G communications and a big jump in automation this year, designers must provide reliable connectivity for many different environments. Can this be done at any cost?

High reliability is the gold standard of connectors, often including products with a military pedigree or those from established premium brands. For decades, manufacturers have developed connectors to conform to the highest specifications, which are subjected to rigorous testing and designed to deliver superior reliability in severe environments.

Whilst these high- performance connectors deliver reliability, often measured in mating cycles, this superior performance comes at a price. However, in an era of extended lead-times, rising costs and logistical challenges, will 2024 be the time to ask whether this gold standard is critical or will designers be considering whether their connector solution is over specified?

Mating cycles are not the only measure of a connector’s performance. We talk regularly of IP ratings, shock/ vibration and resistance to electromagnetic interference. Performance under these conditions impacts connector design but there are plenty of affordable and extensively tested connectors that will provide excellent service.

For MH Connectors, 2024 sees an exciting new range of affordable, yet tested and highly reliable push-pull and Micro-D connectors designed to provide a cost-effective alternative without compromising on performance. Designed for applications where failure is not an option, but without a military standard or premium brand price tag, these connectors will deliver in tough conditions.