Investing for growth

Texcel Technology explains how the company’s planned investments set the scene for continued growth across industry sectors ranging from medical to instrumentation.

Knowing where you’re going is always referenced to where you have been. For Texcel Technology, the last three years have seen continuous investment in equipment and staff. This has resulted in sustained sales growth across both existing and new customers. Clearly there have been many challenges over this period and Texcel was not immune to this, but it is how the CEM responds to solving an issue that is important.

Texcel’s future plans include continued equipment investment and expansion of the manufacturing capacity to facilitate £20M of sales.

The company is expecting increased demand for full box build, RF assembly/test and HV power systems. Medical, military and instrumentation sectors are showing strong growth. Working with customers as part of a team to achieve a positive result, where both make a profit, is the only way to succeed and exciting. Here’s to a positive 2024.