GaN ICs selected for wall sockets

Innoscience Technology has announced Legrand is using InnoGaN devices in its latest home power sockets to meet increased power demand from products such as fast-charging Type A+C and USB power adapters.

In China, the company’s recently launched Yijing 27W and Yijing PLUS 45W wall sockets both use Innoscience GaN HEMTs to increase output power and reduce heat generation within the same size. GaN also lets the plug fit more closely to the wall, achieving better slimness.

Innoscience Europe’s general manager, Dr Denis Marcon, said: “The 45W charging socket has the highest output power within the available size. Compared with silicon- based sockets, the power is increased by nearly 1.5 times. At the same time, the characteristics of GaN also reduce the temperature rise of the charging socket during use, making it safer and more energy-saving.”