Regulated SMT DC/DCs ideal for gate drive power

Recom is simplifying the generation of gate drive bias voltages for a range of switch types with its new R24C2T25 DC/DC converter. Available in a 7.5 by 12.83mm 36-pin SSOP package, the part operates from 21 to 27VDC input and provides programmable, regulated asymmetric dual output voltages, suitable for gate drivers for IGBT, Si, SiC and GaN cascode switches.

Recom’s DC/DC product manager, Matthew Dauterive, said: “Providing precision gate drive voltages is vital, especially for
the latest wide band-gap devices. The R24C2T25 can be set for the optimum voltage levels for the best combination of system efficiency and safety.”

The part is fully featured, with soft start, input over-voltage and under-voltage lockout, thermal shutdown and output over- power protection. Output over-voltage and under-voltage lockout are also provided to ensure power devices cannot be stressed by invalid gate voltages. A power-good signal is provided along with On/Off control to put the device into standby mode with less than 700μA current draw.