Tough connectors suit medical applications

Selwyn introduces electronics purchasing professionals to a range of sterilizable plastic connectors offering high mating cycles, IP67 protection and a compact design.

Ideal for scientific, instrumentation and medical applications, ODU’s MEDI-SNAP plastic connector range combines distinctive coding options with push-pull and breakaway mating variants.

With up to 5,000 mating cycles, plus IP50, IP64 and IP67 protection in mated condition with an IP68 unmated receptacle available, this versatile range can be used in any application. Thanks to its space-saving design, high contact density and right-angle options, the product ensures performance even in the smallest available space. Touch protection is in accordance with IEC 60601–1 (2 MOPP / 2 MOOP). Transmission of various media is possible with this range and the plastic housing is fully sterilizable.

There are new, high voltage inserts for this range, enabling reliable transmission of up to 1,000VAC to IEC 60664. In addition, they can prevent ‘hot plugging’ by featuring a special pin layout design with lagging contacts in the smallest installation space.

Corresponding switching units in the device can use the clear identification of the connection status. This can be used to switch the power on and off in a targeted way. This means the electric voltage is only applied at the interface once connection has been fully and correctly established. This rules out both mating and unmating connectors under load and therefore also prevents any resulting damage to the device. This also ensures the long-term reliability of the interface as well as the connected device.

To complement this range, cable assemblies and silicon overmoulding are available.