First 16:10, 5.2MP image sensor for laptops and IoT

Omnivision has announced its 5.2-megapixel OV05C10 image sensor, the first product specially developed for 16:10 aspect ratio notebooks. The sensor has a staggered high dynamic range (HDR) and is suitable for mainstream and high-end laptops, tablets and IoT devices.

The sensor has ample pixels to support auto framing for video conferencing, which automatically adjusts the camera’s field-of-view to keep the person speaking at the center of the image while cropping out distracting backgrounds. It also supports human presence detection (HPD), which increases the efficiency of artificial intelligence applications and extends battery life.

Omnivision’s product marketing manager, Danny Liu, said: “Human/ computer interaction that uses AI is becoming mainstream and our new OV05C10 can support a variety of AI features, including HPD. The higher resolution and unique aspect ratio are more suitable for use in video conferencing and the HDR function can effectively guarantee higherimage quality during video calls.”