MEMS pressure sensors feature 3.3V supply

Würth Elektronik has expanded its family of WSEN-PDUS differential pressure sensors. Two new models work with an operating voltage of 3.3V, making them compatible with most microcontrollers supporting this voltage. The other models in the series require 5V. Würth states all sensors offer robustness and accuracy to ±0.25 per cent FSS tolerance. A version is also available with horizontal nozzles.

The new packaging design with horizontal-barbed nozzles allows direct connection of pneumatic hoses to the sensor nozzles. This eliminates an additional adapter and simplifies installation.

Equipped with digital I2C and analog output interfaces, the sensors deliver fully calibrated pressure data, plus optional temperature data. Different transfer functions from ±1mbar to 15bar may be selected. With an operating temperature range of -25 to 85°C the sensors can be used in a variety of applications, from HVAC technology to monitoring filter status and detecting gas leaks, through to inhalers.