Extending semiconductor component life

With electronics purchasing professionals facing increasing component Sobsolescence, Rochester Electronics outlines three options to extend lifecycles

Semiconductor-driven substantial growth in the global markets have significantly longer electronic applications semiconductor market by 2030*, lifecycles, potentially necessitating are integral to modern particularly in the automotive and semiconductor supply continuity for society. Analysts project industrial sectors. However, these decades. This poses a dilemma for many customers, as the applications’ lifespans exceed component supply.

Customers have three key options in extending component lifecycles, each with their own challenges:

Last time buy and in-house long-term storage:

• Requires accurate forecasting and funds tied up in last-time- buy stock represent a significant financial investment

• Demands appropriate in- house storage facilities, which most organisations lack

Purchase of long-term stored components from an authorised distributor:

• Must ensure components are authentic and properly stored, ensuring reliability in the field and high quality well past their date codes

Work with a licensed manufacturer and supplier:

• Acquire components manufactured to the original supplier datasheet, possibly with the option to build-to-order

• Partner with a manufacturer possessing the experience and relationships with original component manufacturers

Rochester has facilitated semiconductor product transfers since 1992, manufacturing over 20,000 device types, with over 12 billion die in stock and the ability to produce over 70,000 device types. Licensed to manufacture devices no longer produced by the original component manufacturer, Rochester collaborates directly with OCMs for a seamless transfer of products approaching end-of-life. The end-product is a form, fit and functional replacement guaranteed to original datasheet performance.