Versatile, reliable interconnect solutions

January 2024 sees Cambridge Electronic Industries launch its new range of M Series circular connectors, designed to provide reliability in a range of applications.

Featuring M5, M8, M12, M16 and M20 versions, Cambridge Electronic Industries’ new M Series circular connectors cater to a wide range of applications and needs, from lower pin densities for power applications, to high- density signal pins offering speeds up to 10Gbps.

The connectors come in shielded and non-shielded variants letting users select the appropriate connector for their specific requirements. The quality connectors feature gold plated pins ensuring good electrical conductivity and durability. Robust bodies mean the connectors can withstand harsh environments and with the waterproof rating of IP67, connections are protected from ingress of moisture and dust. Panel mounting options are available in front and rear allowing versatile installation configurations. M Series Connectors also come with the option for ready-made or bespoke cable assemblies, saving time and effort when integrating these connectors into projects.

These features make the M series Circular connectors from Cambridge Electronic Industries a versatile and reliable solution for different electronic and electrical connectivity needs.