Connectors, switches, HMIs and more

SCHURTER walks readers through its broad product offering which includes solutions for a wide range of industry sectors from industrial to medical and automotive

SCHURTER manufactures and distributes circuit protection components, connectors, switches and EMC products. In cooperation with customers, the company also develops and manufactures input systems and HMIs.

In the industrial sector, the company offers over 20,000 products. In the medical industry, SCHURTER’s products include safe power supplies and specific user interfaces designed to meet the needs of this exacting market.

Automotive controls and power supplies depend on component reliability and long-term stability. Chip fuses are precise, reliable, temperature resistant IoT and robust against vibrations. Specifications in space and avionics are significantly higher than regular international standards. SCHURTER provides zero defect solutions to meet the highly specific requirements of electronic systems used on aircraft, satellites and spacecraft.

In data and communications, consistent, high-quality components are required for the creation of systems in data centers. In energy, uninterrupted electricity supply represents a key competence in the 21st century.