Rail converter features ultra-wide input

Flex Power Modules is launching its PKM7200W series DC-DC converters with an ultra-wide input range of 16 to 160V, ideal for world-wide rail applications. Measuring 62 by 40 by 13mm the products provide 150W continuous output power and 12, 24 or 54VDC fully regulated single outputs. The parts achieve up to 89 per cent efficiency and feature 4kVDC isolation, meeting the requirements of EN 50155 for rail, as well as IEC/EN/ UL 62368-1 for IT and audio/visual applications.

The series features a VBUS pin, an input-referenced connection that is boosted to around 100V, irrespective of input voltage. This can be used to charge a user- supplied capacitor which the DC/DC switches in when the input power is interrupted. The feature enables long hold-up time with a relatively small capacitor, to meet the 10 to 30ms requirements of EN 50155.

Operating temperature range is -40 to 100°C baseplate temperature with derating, depending on attached heatsink and airflow.