More smart enclosure choice

OKW has extended its range of Smart-Panel wall- mount and desktop enclosures for building monitoring and control. New size S114 fits flush-mount cavity wall boxes up to 100 by 100mm. The design is ideal for applications including building services systems, electrical installations, smart homes, offices, security, IoT/IIoT, wireless communications, measuring and control, medical and laboratory technology.

The enclosures have a highly polished bottom section with a flat, recessed area for interfaces such as USB or mini-USB. The top has a fine surface structure and is recessed to accommodate a touch screen or membrane keypad.

Electronic components such as PCBs can be fitted in the top section of the enclosure using the four mounting pillars provided. Self-tapping PCB screws are available as accessories. Screwless snap-together assembly speeds up installation times. The enclosures can then be reopened for inspection and maintenance using a pair of dedicated tools available as an accessory.