Connectors feature mate-before-lock mechanism

To improve the speed, ease and security of mating for its MIL- SPEC DMM rugged 2mm pitch metal connectors, Nicomatic has introduced the D53C, a new captive screw option for all DMM connectors. This mate-before-lock fixing hardware provides rapid, simple and secure mating, preventing contact damage and ensuring the screw cannot be lost.

Nicomatic’s UK MD, Phil McDavitt, said: “Developed in response to customer feedback, this simple new mate- before-lock fixing hardware is ideal for applications in the field, such as switching out battery packs or payloads on UAVs, where technicians and operators need a quick, secure and reliable mating method that helps ensure prevention of contact damage. And the screw’s captive nature also makes it impossible to drop or lose.

“Meanwhile, engineers working on electronic products on the test bench benefit from the convenience of being able to repeatedly connect, mate and disconnect elements of their design with ease, without having to tighten screws each time.”