Eliminate connection errors in multi-fibre systems

OMC’s new family of key coded SMA fibre optic connectors offer clockface style multiple keyways in up to 50 different orientations as standard. Originally designed in response to a customer request for a keyed connector for a four-channel installation, the new family overcomes installation errors by effectively engineering them out.

The master keyway at the 12 o’clock position fixes the orientation and a second keyway, which can be in one of multiple other positions around the clock, fixes the channel number. Using this system, it is impossible to connect the wrong fibre optic cable to the wrong transmitter or receiver device. Connectors and device housings with custom keyway positions for greater numbers of channels are also possible on request.

The key-coded system is available on OMC’s full range of SMA device housings, including its H22 PCB-mount housing, plus its H1 turret-style receptacle and proprietary Vertical SMA housing which occupies only 7 by 8mm of board space.