High voltage SMD reed relays switch up to 1k V

Pickering Electronics has announced its first high voltage surface mount reed relays, known as the Series 219. Available in multiple package types, these relays can switch up to 1,000V in 1 Form A (SPST), 2 Form A (DPST) and 1 Form B (SPNC) contact configurations. Switch stand-off is up to 3,000V, while switch-coil isolation is up to 5,000V stand-off.

The relays suit high voltage applications including mixed signal semiconductor testers, medical equipment testing, EV charge point testing and monitoring solar cell photovoltaic efficiency.

Pickering Electronics’ product development manager, Robert King, said: “Only Pickering makes surface mount high voltage relays with 2 Form A and 1 Form B packages. The 2 Form A configuration optimises board space, providing two switches in the same footprint. With 1 Form B, users can have a normally closed relay option that is not available elsewhere in the market.”