Rail profiles are fire protected

EMKA is offering expertise in processing materials certified to currently valid fire protection standards for rail vehicles including: DIN EN 45545-2, ASTM E1354, ASTM E662, ASTM C1166, BSS 7239 and SMP 800C. EMKA’s conformity with these standards forms a secure foundation for sealing applications leaving design and installation engineers to check the material meets their specific requirements.

EMKA engineers advise there are advantages of profiles made of EPDM fire protection compound including flame retardant properties, plus significant cost savings compared to silicone seals. They also offer the ability to provide customised frames and rings with sealed joints ready for instant installation.

Standard sections for railway application include spring-cored clip-on P-types D-types, edge protectors and channel-fitted sections for enclosures, cabinets and access panels where sealing or protection is an important part of their function. Custom profiles are developed for individual applications, with product geometry to specific customer requirements.