Avoid component obsolescence with informed purchasing decisions

Mouser explains why component obsolescence is a growing issue, then introduces strategies and tactics purchasing professionals can use to sidestep these challenges

Some fifty years ago, the average life cycle of a semiconductor was expected to be three decades or more. Today, that number has reduced to less than 10-years. Identifying product lifecycle and NRND products (not recommended for new design) are two examples of value-added services from high service distributors like Mouser Electronics that go beyond simple component supply. Mouser gives suggestions for component alternatives, along with the risk level assessment for those potential replacements.

Having the most advanced technology to develop cost-efficient prototypes limits costly redesigns, manufacturing delays or even project termination. It also offers a design edge in delivering more product features and capabilities, plus longer lifecycles. Mouser works with over 1,200 manufacturer partners to provide fast, easy access to the industry’s newest components. Few things are more frustrating to buyers and engineers than a design delay caused by obsolete or NRND components.

The average number of components reaching obsolescence has grown over time. Reasons include more advanced manufacturing capabilities, greater features for integrated circuits and pressure to adapt to quickly changing consumer trends. Increased consumer demand for new products tends to shorten product life cycles. This often translates into component obsolescence.

Mouser states its customers can be confident they’re designing with the most advanced, genuine electronics available and can subscribe to receive product notifications online. Real-time product availability is offered through its website and customer service representatives, providing accurate product information to make confident buying decisions.

Mouser updates its website many times per day and offers buyers technical data and application resources via its Purchasing Resource Library. This library features dozens of articles and videos empowering buyers with insights needed to make informed purchasing decisions. The Purchasing Resource Library contains instructional videos, developed in partnership with leading manufacturers, dedicated to important electronic components. The library also features articles addressing trending topics, such as vehicle charging infrastructure, chip shortages and supply chain challenges.

The site also offers links to the distributor’s services and tools, including the FORTE intelligent BOM tool, Price and Availability Assistant and API hub.