Getting started in drives

Mouser Electronics is now shipping AMD Xilinx’ Kria KD240 drives starter kit. The kit is a cost-optimised hardware, software and platform solution offering control system architects and embedded software developers a quick, out-of- box experience for accelerated development in: robotics; drives and actuators; industrial automation and motors; Ethernet gateways and sensors; EV charging stations; medical equipment; and aerial system applications.

The kit is an FPGA-based motor control and digital signal processing evaluation platform for Kria K24 system-on-modules (SOMs). It comprises a non-production version of the K24 SOM, carrier card and passive heat sink. The SOM is compact, only including critical components, such as an AMD Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC-based silicon device, memory, boot and security module.

The carrier card includes a power solution, three Ethernet interfaces, CAN interface, microSD card, three-phase power inverter and multiple analog-to-digital converter channels. Terminal blocks are provided for connecting a torque sensor, three-phase motor and brake control, plus single- ended and differential QEI connectors.