Innovative alternative to traditional power sources

Sager Electronics has added Nichicon Batteries to its line card. Nichicon recently introduced its first battery product, the SLB (small lithium titanate rechargeable batteries) series, a new and innovative alternative to traditional power sources.

Sager Electronics’ supplier marketing and product manager, Megan Burnside, said: “Nichicon provides a cutting-edge battery product that really enhances Sager’s growing battery offering. The SLB battery chemistry and form factor are one of a kind. We’re excited by this new partnership and look forward to significant growth opportunities for both Nichicon and Sager.”

Nichicon America’s president, Craig Anderson, added: “Watching Sager Electronics develop its strategy for battery technology, it became clear that the Nichicon offering would enhance the portfolio. Together, we look forward to expanding our reach and providing exceptional battery solutions that will help power the future.”