Inspiring innovation and growth

Midas Displays highlights how investments in people and facilities will underpin the company’s ability to support customers with innovative display solutions

Midas Displays’ mission is to provide customers with full, bespoke, visual solutions that enhance user experiences and elevate industry standards. Through a blend of creativity, precision engineering and customer-centricity, the company strives to exceed expectations, enabling customers to stand out and succeed in a dynamically evolving world.

The business saw 2023 as a year of investment, with several talented individuals— with years of experience working in the display technology industry—joining the sales and engineering teams. As well as this, the company invested in new branding, a new website and planning for a new purpose- built building.

2024 is an opportunity for Midas to further build on the solid foundations that have been set. The company will move into its new building early this year, which will give the teams a refreshed, larger workspace to inspire further innovation and growth. Expectation is that the business will continue to grow this year, with the team working on some highly technical, exciting projects across automotive, medical and industrial sectors where customers have sought Midas out specifically for its engineering capabilities and customer support.