Optimising hospital rounds

In this article, Relec Electronics highlights how the integration of its WMR2387 medical touch panel PCs into medical carts has become an indispensable tool for consultants.

Hospital rounds are a critical aspect of patient care, requiring consultants to have immediate access to patient data, medical records and diagnostic tools. Integration of Relec Electronics’ WMR2387 23.8in medical rechargeable touch panel PC into medical carts has significantly enhanced the efficiency andeffectiveness of these rounds.

The WMR2387 is designed to withstand the demanding conditions of hospital use. It features a 23.8in TFT LCD display, Intel Core i5-7300U Dual Core processor, 8GB of DDR4 RAM (expandable up to 32GB) and 1TB of SSD storage. Running on Windows 10, with options available for Linux operating systems, it is designed to offer versatility and reliability for various medical applications.

The device features a hot swappable 13600mAh lithium-ion battery system, ensuring uninterrupted operation during lengthy hospital rounds. This is particularly beneficial for consultants needing consistent access to patient data without the constraints of power availability.

An on-screen display lets consultants control basic features, including checking battery status. This ensures they can manage the device’s settings without interrupting their workflow, leading to more efficient rounds.

With a medical-grade anti-microbial coat, the WMR2387 provides a hygienic interface, crucial in preventing the spread of infections. This feature is important during rounds, where the device comes into contact with multiple patients and healthcare professionals.

The touch panel PC is designed to seamlessly integrate with medical carts, providing consultants with a mobile and robust solution for accessing patient information and medical applications on the go. This integration enhances mobility and ensures critical data is always at their fingertips.

With a variety of I/O ports, wireless communication capabilities and 1TB of SSD storage, the device ensures consultants have ample space for storing patient data and can easily connect to other medical devices and systems. Windows 10 provides a familiar, user-friendly interface for consultants. Additionally, there are options for running Linux operating systems, offering flexibility for different hospital IT infrastructures.

The WMR2387 has revolutionised hospital rounds, providing consultants with a powerful tool for patient care. Its integration into medical carts ensures they have access to a comprehensive suite of applications for patient monitoring, accessing medical records and conducting diagnostic analyses. Long battery life and a hot swappable battery system ensure it withstands the demands of continuous rounds, while its medical-grade anti- microbial coat maintains a hygienic interface.